Who we are
hlpy mission
Innovating vehicle assistance. For real!

A diverse team of experts who have had direct experience in the world of assistance, mobility, and tech innovation. They have come together with a unique idea and having one common goal in mind: to make the world of digital vehicle assistance more modern, effective, and beneficial for all business partners and the driver.

History and numbers

Born in May 2020 in Italy, and operational since February 2021, hlpy has grown tremendously. With the start of our French branch in October 2022, our business has also taken shape in the Iberian Peninsula since September 2023.

We count on and offer a network of almost 1,400 rescuers and workshops, body shops and tire specialists that allow us to offer a wide range of products and services to our business partners.

To date, hlpy has raised around 9 million euros thanks to the support of institutional investors such as Bene Assicurazioni; funds and VCs such as Alkemia SGR, CDP Venture Capital SGR (Cassa depositi e Prestiti) and The Techshop SGR.

Founders & Management Team
Valerio Chiaronzi
CEO & Founder

With over 20 years of industry experience, Valerio’s ability to see beyond and to find solutions to large scale problems, is what has been the backbone of hlpy’s success. Valerio has had opportunities working alongside industry leaders, being one himself, in companies such as Europ Assistance, Freedomeland, British Telecom, allowing him to gain vast knowledge and experience in roadside assistance and technologies. With a university background in Marketing and Business Administration as well as his direct work experience in Product marketing and Commercial sales, Valerio brings business acumen and strategic thinking to the table, making him a well-seasoned leader and CEO.

Graziano Cavallo
Managing Director Ita & Co-founder

As a Founder and Managing Director of hlpy, Graziano brings with him a wealth of knowledge in marketing and account management. Having had direct experience in the insurance sector, Graziano’s ability to spearhead business in this niche area has been essential for hlpy’s foundation. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and an Executive MBA, both of which have helped shape him into a business leader.

Enrico Noseda
Advisor & Co-founder

With over 20 years of experience in tech innovation, and a degree in Economics, Enrico has been an extremely important member of hlpy’s foundation. Being a trusted advisor to the Board of Directors, Enrico acts as a vital stakeholder in the mission and vision of our company. His background as a founder, investor and Chief Innovation Advisor, as well as clear ambition, has been a driving factor in setting our business up for success.

Stefano Sarti
Managing Director International & Co Founder

Stefano joined hlpy to grow our international business. With his wide range of global experience in insurance and assistance, it was inevitable to have him on board the team. Since his joining we have opened in France, Spain and have many more countries on our horizon. His leadership mindset and strategic business development skills, having worked for multinational market leading businesses, are at the forefront of our mission to take our business to the next step in becoming a leading global company.

Nicolò Zereik
Chief Technology Officer

Over the last 10 years, Nicolò has been able to become a technical expert in his field of IT and computer science, following a large experience in consultancy. Nicolò joined hlpy as its CTO and unveiled knowledge within the tech sphere which has been the key element in making hlpy ‘really digital’. With his studies in Computer Engineering , he has been able to put his scholastic knowledge to the test and it has proven successful. His role in the company has been a driving element in making hlpy become a truly digital player in the market.

Andrea Rizzi
Chief Financial Officer

As the CFO of hlpy, Andrea has been able to build the essential pillars of the business. His extensive experience spanning from tech, consulting, and start-up fields, has played a tremendous part in shaping the financial roadmap for us. Andrea holds a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial economics, a degree in Performing arts, and an Executive MBA. He has been crucial to hlpy’s growth path and continues to bring new and innovative solutions to the table.

Kirsten Pillar
Chief People & Culture Officer

With a wide range of international experience in people and talent management, Kirsten has had opportunities working in large corporations and start-ups. Her experience ranges from insurance, fitness, tech music data and several other industries. She holds a bachelor's degree in Humanities, a specialization in Industrial Psychology and an MBA in Innovation management. Kirsten joined hlpy to help build the People & Culture framework, grow the team internationally and help the business vision and mission come to life.

Raffaele Ripamonti
Chief Network Officer

With 25 years of experience in the financial consultancy and automotive assurance industry, Raffaele brings a wealth of strategic and technical knowledge to hlpy as the Chief Network Officer.

He has held roles such as Chief Procurement and Network Management Officer at Europ Assistance and Head of Network Management at Generali Welion, which has given him the possibility to gain leadership skills essential for the evolution of hlpy’s success globally.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Anglia Polytechnic University in Cambridge, UK, it is evident that Raffaele enjoys problem solving and analytical challenges.